Keeping Up with Governor Wolf

by opendatapa

Governor Wolf was very supportive of open data in his pre-election candidate position statement and has already made some progress here in Pennsylvania. So far:

  • On February 5th, Governor Wolf issued an executive order to establish the Governor’s Office of Transformation, Innovation, Management and Efficiency (GO TIME) [bonus points for the acronym]. In his budget address on March 3rd, he explained that GO TIME’s mission is to “focus on improving coordination between agencies, modernizing state government operations, and seeking out partnerships with the private sector”. So far, GO TIME has claimed to have identified over $100 million in savings by improving procurement, modernizing technology, and consolidating admin functions.
  • In his proposed budget, he allocated funds for “Information Technology Modernization” for the Auditor General ($5000, 185.7% increase from 14/15) and the Treasury ($4000, 0% increase from 14/15). It is unclear to me which other funds might be used for GO TIME and expanding Open Data in PA. Please chime in about it in the comments!

We look forward to Governor Wolf making progress on other initiatives that he proposed including:

  • Creating an open data web portal
  • Releasing open data
  • Supporting legislative efforts to institutionalize open data
  • Expanding online services (online forms! online voting!)
  • Sponsoring hack-a-thons

Do you think Governor Wolf is doing a good job expanding Open Data in PA?